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    Baking Silicone Anti-Hot Hand Glove – Heat Resistant Oven Mitt for Safe and Convenient Baking

    Material: Our baking silicone anti-hot hand glove is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, providing excellent protection against burns and ensuring safe handling of hot cookware and bakeware.

    Color Options: Choose from a range of stylish and vibrant colors to match your kitchen decor and personal taste.

    Logo: The baking silicone anti-hot hand glove features a discreet logo, ensuring a clean and professional appearance.

    Customized Packaging:We provide ordinary paper boxes, color printing boxes, PP bags, PVC boxes, logo printing, personalized labels, and security packaging, please contact me if you need different packaging.

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    1. Superior Heat Resistance: Our silicone hand glove offers exceptional heat resistance, allowing you to handle hot pans, pots, and baking trays without the risk of burns. It provides a reliable barrier against high temperatures up to [insert temperature].

    2. Excellent Grip and Dexterity: The silicone material offers a non-slip grip, ensuring a secure hold on your cooking utensils. The flexible and lightweight design allows for enhanced dexterity, making it easier to handle delicate baking tasks.

    3. Versatile and Multi-Purpose: This glove is ideal for various baking and cooking activities, including baking, grilling, barbecuing, and stovetop cooking. It is also suitable for handling hot dishes, pots, and pans in the kitchen.

    4. Easy to Clean and Maintain: The silicone glove is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. It is also dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort.

    5. Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: The glove is designed to provide a comfortable fit for most hand sizes. The textured surface enhances grip and helps prevent slipping. The long cuff offers extra protection to your wrist and forearm.


    Accept Customization

    One-stop Service: Custom Logo,Color,Package,Molding etc.


    Accept Low MOQ Custom:100pcs with brand,50pcs without brand

    Free Design

    Professional design team offer 3D drawing as free

    High Standard

    Complete Certificates: CE ,FDA, BSCI, ISO9001, ROHS, ETC.