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    Grow-silicone has strict control over silicone materials. You can purchase with confidence. Quality, safety, health, and environmental protection are our bottom line goals. This way, you can customize your silicone products with peace of mind and enhance your brand image !

    Our Professional Certificates

    Our silicone raw materials have corresponding monitoring certificates:
    Food grade silicone certificate:
    Confirm that silicone meets food safety standards and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requirements.
    Including information on the ingredients, additives, catalysts, etc. of silica gel to ensure that harmless substances penetrate into foods in contact with silica gel.

    Medical grade silicone certificate:
    Confirm that the silicone complies with relevant standards for medical devices, such as ISO 10993, etc.
    Including test results on silica gel’s biocompatibility, bacterial toxicology, etc.
    Describe the purity and applicability of silica gel to ensure it can be used in medical device manufacturing.

    Silicone hardness certificate:
    Provides silicone hardness test results, usually expressed as Shore A or Shore D values.
    Specify a range of silicone hardness to meet the requirements of your specific application.

    Certificate of ingredients and additives:
    List the main components of silicone, such as silicone rubber, catalysts, fillers, additives, etc.
    Describe the content and proportion of each ingredient to ensure that the product complies with the prescribed formula.

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    food grade silicone

    Food Grade Silicone

    When making silicone baking molds, food processing tools, and kitchen utensils, you need to choose food-grade silicone.

    Food-grade silicone: Silicone used in contact with food should comply with relevant food safety standards. Make sure the food-grade silicone you choose complies with the food safety regulations of the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) or other countries and regions.

    Medical Grade Silicone

    If you need to custom-make medical device seals, catheters, prostheses, etc., choose medical-grade silicone:
    Medical grade silicone should comply with relevant standards for medical devices, such as ISO 10993, etc. This type of silica gel generally has higher biocompatibility and purity.

    Hardness of Silicone

    Hardness of Silicone

    The choice of product hardness is also important:
    Hardness is usually expressed as a Shore A or Shore D value, with Shore A values for soft materials and Shore D values for harder materials.
    Generally speaking, silicone hardness can range from 5 Shore A, which is very soft, to 70 Shore A, which is relatively hard.

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    Liquid vs solid silicone choice?
    Liquid silicone: Liquid silicone is suitable for making complex parts and molds, able to completely fill in fine details. It is often used for products with complex shapes or requiring high precision.
    Suitable for processes such as injection molding or vacuum casting, ensuring that liquid silicone fills all gaps in the model.
    Solid silicone: Solid silicone is suitable for simple molds or products requiring higher hardness and strength. It is usually used to make seals, gaskets, etc. with higher hardness.
    It is suitable for extrusion molding, calendering molding and other processes to ensure that the silicone can maintain the required shape.
    The choice of liquid or solid silicone depends on the shape and hardness requirements of the product and the requirements of the production process.

    In short, when selecting silicone raw materials, as silicone product manufacturers, we usually evaluate based on the product’s use, performance requirements, and industry-specific standards and regulations.