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    Growsilicone produces silicone parts and sealing accessories for numerous industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. From a simple silicone o-ring to the most complex precision silicone parts, we utilize a range of advanced technologies and processes to consistently manufacture the high-quality silicone components your application requires. We provide professional customized production for you based on the shape, size, material requirements and performance requirements of silicone rubber accessories.

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    Stunningly functional silicone rubber material

    Silicone rubber is widely used in the industrial field. Custom silicone parts and custom molded rubber parts can be used in various industrial equipment and machinery.

    The advantages of silicone rubber accessories are very obvious:
    High temperature resistance: Silicone rubber can maintain its physical properties over a wide temperature range, usually withstanding high temperature environments up to 200°C and above, chemical resistance, good elasticity and flexibility, wear resistance and aging resistance

    Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
    Liquid silicone rubber is a polymer compound commonly used to manufacture a variety of more precise and complex types of products, such as seals, molds, keyboards, etc. The material’s fluidity and plasticity allow it to be easily injection molded or coated on surfaces of different shapes, making it suitable for a variety of complex manufacturing processes.
    Siliocne Bubber Seals: such as automotive engine seals, pipe seals, etc.
    Silicone Mold: Liquid silicone rubber can be used to make molds of complex shapes through injection molding or coating. It is often used to make molds for complex products, such as handicrafts, sculptures, etc.
    Medical devices: such as such as valve seals, pump seals, etc.,

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    Custom silicone rubber accessories process:

    1. Design: Determine the shape, size, material requirements and performance requirements of the required silicone rubber accessories. Then design. As a silicone rubber manufacturer, we can also design drawings.
    2. Material selection: Select appropriate materials according to the use environment and performance requirements of the accessories. For example, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, food grade, etc.
    3. Manufacturing process selection: Select an appropriate manufacturing process based on the design and material properties of the accessory. Common manufacturing processes include compression molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.
    4. Sample making, production batch, quality inspection and delivery.

    Customizable silicone rubber parts case

    If you don’t find the silicone rubber parts you want, you can directly tell us your ideas or send your drawings, and we will start high-quality, worry-free customization services for you.