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    As a professional custom silicone products manufacturer, our case is a testament to our silicone manufacturing prowess, attention to silicone product detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our silicone product cases will provide you with examples of our dedication to custom silicone processes and high quality as well as our comprehensive approach to meeting customer needs.

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    Grow silicone manufacturing

    Grow-Silicone is a custom silicone rubber product manufacturer. We specialize in producing high quality silicone pet products, silicone baby products (silicone baby feeding products, silicone breast pumps, silicone teethers, etc ) silicone outdoor and sports products (silicone foldable cups, silicone swimming goggles, etc), and silicone household products (silicone molding, silicone lunch box, silicone placemat, etc).We are equipped with several automated silicone injection molding lines and a separate mold shop, enabling them to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers

    Our products are thoroughly tested and comply with various industry certifications to ensure their safety and quality. Our products have FDA and LFGB food grade testing certification, and are also certified by SGS, CE, RoHS, etc.

    From Concept To Design, Through Prototype To Production, From Branding To Packing Solutions, grow-silicone OEM & ODM Silicone Manufacturing Services Cover The Full Project Life Cycle, Benefit Our Clients By Lower Manufacturing Costs, And A Shorter Lead-Time For Tailor-Made Product Development.


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    Silicone product model making


    Silicone mold manufacturing


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    Custom branding


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    We Have Collected The Latest Best-selling Silicone Products, BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone Meets Eye-Catching Style, So Join Growsilicone To Enhance Your Business, Now Start Your Custom Silicone Items.

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