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    Top 10 custom silicone products recommendations in 2024

    rings silicone wedding band

    Advantages of Silicone

    Silicone has extremely superior properties, so in modern society more and more products are beginning to use silicone materials to develop new, safer and higher-quality products, so custom silicone products are becoming more and more popular.
    1. Soft & Resilient: Able to withstand deformation without cracking or damage in many applications.
    2. High temperature resistance: Silicone can withstand high temperatures and usually maintains its stable performance in the range of -50°C to 250°C. Silicone can directly enter microwave ovens and ovens and is also safe.
    3. Chemical resistance: Silicone has strong chemical resistance and can withstand the corrosion of many chemicals, so it is widely used in laboratories, medical and industrial fields. For example, silicone tubes are widely used in medical applications.
    4. Tasteless and non-toxic: Silica gel is usually a food-grade or medical-grade material. It is odorless, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, so it is widely used in food and baby products. Such as silicone feeding sets, silicone spoons, etc.
    5. Weather resistance: Silicone has good weather resistance and is not easily affected by natural environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, oxygen, water vapor, etc., so it is suitable for outdoor and long-term exposure applications.
    6. Electrical insulation: Silica gel is an excellent electrical insulation material with good insulation properties. It is often used in electronic products, electrical equipment and other fields.
    7. Easy to process and form: Silicone has good fluidity and plasticity, is easy to process into various shapes, and can be formed through molding, injection molding and other processes.
    The development cost of custom silicone products is low: Compared with other plastic products such as PP, PET, etc., the mold costs and design costs of customized silicone products are relatively low, making them easier for buyers to accept.
    The use scenarios and frequency of silicone products in the market are getting higher and higher. A large number of furniture, pets, maternal and infant products, medical industry, aerospace, and new energy industries have begun to use silicone materials.

    Inventory of the Top 10 best-selling silicone products in 2024:

    1. weight lifting wrist straps:

    weight bracelet6

    2. Ice Cube Roller:

    silicone ice roller

    3. Customized silicone rings:

    silicone wedding bands for WOmen

    4. stainless steel dog bowls:

    stainless steel dog bowls1

    5. collapsible dog bowl:

    collapsible dog bowls
    6. Collapsible Water Bottles:

    7. Ice cube trays:

    custom ice cube molds

    ice cube trays for Stanley cups
    9. Silicone travel bottles:

    silicone travel bottles
    10. silicone baby feeding set:


    The 12 most searched custom silicone products:

    silicone rings
    silicone molds
    silicone baking mat
    silicone beads
    silicone spatula
    silicone ice cube trays
    silicone bongs
    silicon banking
    custom silicone rubber wristbands
    silicone baby bottles
    apple silicone case
    silicone spray

    How to choose a silicone product manufacturer?

    Because silicone products are widely used in baby products and medical products, the qualifications of the silicone factory are also very important. Whether it is a certified factory and the selection of raw materials also need to be explored in depth.
    Regular custom silicone product certification includes:
    Food-grade silicone certification: Silicone materials used for food contact need to comply with relevant food safety standards and obtain corresponding food-grade certification, such as FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certification, LFGB EU food contact material certification, etc.
    Medical device certification: Silicone materials used for medical purposes such as medical devices and medical auxiliary devices need to comply with relevant standards for medical devices and obtain corresponding medical device certifications, such as CE certification, FDA medical device license, etc.
    Environmental certification: For some silicone materials with higher environmental requirements, they may need to comply with environmental standards and obtain corresponding environmental certifications, such as RoHS certification, REACH certification, etc.
    Product safety certification: The product safety of silicone materials is an important factor that buyers pay attention to, so it may need to pass various product safety certifications, such as ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, etc.
    Specific use certification: Depending on the specific use of the silicone material, additional certification may be required. For example, silicone used in electronic products needs to comply with electronic product safety standards, and silicone used in automobiles needs to comply with automotive industry standards.
    When selecting silicone manufacturers and material suppliers, it is crucial to ensure that their products have relevant certifications and certificates, which can guarantee product quality, safety and compliance.

    There are other capabilities that are also very important, such as service capabilities, silicone type development capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, etc. You need to judge a strong silicone supplier in multiple dimensions.

    Growsilicon: A custom silicone manufacturer from China

    Grow-Silicone is a custom silicone rubber product manufacturer. We specialize in producing high quality silicone pet productssilicone baby products (silicone baby feeding products, silicone breast pumps, silicone teether, etc ) silicone outdoor and sports products (silicone foldable cups, silicone swimming goggles, etc), and silicone household products (silicone molding, silicone lunch box, silicone placemat, etc).We are equipped with several automated silicone injection molding lines and a separate mold shop, enabling them to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers

    Our products are thoroughly tested and comply with various industry certifications to ensure their safety and quality. Our products have FDA and LFGB food grade testing certification, and are also certified by SGS, CE, RoHS, etc.