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    Menstrual cup: a more environmentally friendly and healthier female caregiver

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    What is a menstrual cup?

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    Many people may have heard of the Menstrual Cup for the first time, but it has been more than a century since its invention. A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped menstrual hygiene product made of silicone or latex. It can be used repeatedly. It is usually durable for 5-10 years and can carry a considerable amount of menstrual blood.
    Menstrual cup, also known as moon cup or menstrual cup, is a menstrual product made of silicone, latex or thermoplastic that can be placed in the vagina and is soft and elastic. The purpose is to collect menstrual blood flowing out of the uterus without leaking. Menstrual cups are generally bell-shaped, with a short handle below (or a ring-shaped or spherical handle). The bell-shaped part collects menstrual blood flowing out of the uterus into the vagina. The short handle keeps the menstrual cup balanced in the vagina and makes it easy to remove the menstrual cup.
    The usage habits of women in different regions are very different. For example, most Chinese women use sanitary napkins, which are disposable products, while European and American countries mostly use menstrual cups.

    Comparison between menstrual cups and sanitary napkins:

    A menstrual cup holds about 30ml, which is more than half of a woman’s normal menstrual bleeding. The menstrual cup is soft and can be inserted and used like a tampon, but it does not cause any raw or painful feeling. However, unlike sanitary napkins and tampons, menstrual cups do not absorb menstrual blood. Instead, they receive and collect menstrual blood for centralized processing.
    The storage capacity of a menstrual cup is much larger than that of a tampon, and its use time is about twice that of a tampon, but it should not be left in the body for more than 12 hours. Can be reused and more environmentally friendly. Menstrual cups can effectively prevent bacterial infections and menstrual irregularities, and are less likely to cause toxic shock syndrome than tampons.
    Unlike sanitary napkins, you won’t feel menstrual blood flowing out, and it’s close to feeling no menstruation.
    The capacity of the menstrual cup is greatly improved compared to tampons and sanitary napkins. Generally, it can last for 8 to 10 hours. Of course, it may burst in 4 to 6 hours. This should be determined according to your own quantity. During the initial period of use, it is best to take it out every 3 hours, observe the capacity, and adjust the time later.

    You can use a menstrual cup anywhere, anytime

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    How to use a menstrual cup?

    The use of menstrual cups is very simple, but it is also very important to use it scientifically.
    After menstruation begins, sterilize the menstrual cup in boiling water or use special sterilizing tablets
    wash hands
    Diametrically foldable menstrual cup
    Stay seated or squatting with your legs spread wide
    Just place the menstrual cup inside your vagina
    When you want to replace it, hold the short handle or the bottom of the menstrual cup and take it out (press the bottom of the cup to release the vacuum state)
    Wash with clean water or fragrance-free detergent or special disinfectant tablets before use again
    After menstruation, put it into boiling water for disinfection or special disinfectant tablets
    It is not recommended to use a menstrual cup within 6 months after childbirth because the vagina is damaged and protected during childbirth.
    Do not use alcohol or put it in the microwave for sterilization. Under normal circumstances, it will not affect its service life. However, it may be stained with invisible residual food or the alcohol may not completely evaporate, causing infection after putting it into the vagina.
    Using a menstrual cup still requires a period of practice at the beginning. It is recommended that novices use a small sanitary napkin or pad to provide double protection during this period of practice.

    Best menstrual cup options:

    When we choose a menstrual cup, the important factors we need to consider are: material, hardness, size and structure. These factors will affect our use experience.


    The size of a menstrual cup is the first and most important metric you should consider before purchasing one.
    Most cups come in at least two sizes. Generally speaking, if your menstrual flow is moderate to light, you are young, or you have not yet given birth, you can choose a smaller size; if you have moderate to heavy menstrual flow, you are older, or you have given birth, you should choose a larger size. Large size.


    While menstrual cups are supposed to be made of medical-grade silicone (the same material used in small toys), silicone varies in hardness, which affects how it feels and how easy it is to wear.

    Material: Silicone material is preferred

    Generally speaking, harder silicone cups are easier to put on and are the most recommended. Because they “snap” open as soon as they enter the cup, creating a strong seal; softer silicone cups open more slowly and are more likely to leak than harder cups. However, soft silicone is a better choice for those who are more sensitive, have a sensitive bladder, or have painful periods.

    Growtumbler: Wholesale custom menstrual cup business

    We are a professional manufacturer of silicone products, including the customization and wholesale business of menstrual cups. Our menstrual cups are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone materials. They are very safe, BPA-free, non-toxic, and the surface is The treatment is very smooth, similar to baby’s skin, and you will not feel any discomfort during use!

    Menstrual cup worth recommending
    reason:  1.The newly upgraded female menstrual cup has a foldable design, making it easier to store and carry, and is convenient for outdoor or travel use.
    2. Our menstrual cup is equipped with a non-leakable lid for better use
    3. Our menstrual cups are large-capacity and can support women with heavy flow for 12 hours. Customized menstrual cups are also supported.
    reason: 1.We only use 100% medical grade silicone to make our menstrual cup to handle daily use
    2. Our feminine products are flexible and soft so you can comfortably wear wash them throughout the day
    3. Easy to insert and remove the silicone menstrual cup menstrual stay in place to collect up to 12 hours of flow
    4. Safe Period Cup, Heavy & Light Flow, Feminine Hygiene, Tampons, Pads & Disc Alternative

    reason: 1.Compared with disposable sanitary napkins, they can be reused and reduce environmental pollution.
    2. The menstrual disc is made of medical silicone, which is healthy, hygienic, safe and non-toxic.
    3. Material is skin-friendly, comfortable and hygienic
    4. Up to 12 hours of protection, depending on your menstrual flow.
    5. Designed based on ergonomics, it closely fits the human body and will not feel like a foreign body.
    Recessed handle design for easy removal
    6.The design of the sealing ring ensures that the packaged menstrual disc does not fall off or leak during use.

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