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    Silicone Molding Production

    Silicone Injection Molding

    Features: Silicone injection molding is to inject pre-heated and melted silicone into the mold, and manufacture silicone products through high-pressure injection molding. This method is suitable for producing larger batches of silicone products, and has high production efficiency and precision.

    Scope of application: Injection molding is suitable for the production of silicone products with complex shapes, precise dimensions and high-quality requirements, such as medical devices, auto parts, industrial seals, etc. The mold cost of this process will be relatively expensive

    Silicone Injection Molding

    Silicone Compression Molding

    Features: Silicone compression molding is to place pre-heated silicone in the mold, and then use a press to press the mold into shape. Compared with injection molding, this method has lower equipment cost and is suitable for the production of small and medium batches of silicone products. This is the most common processing method

    Scope of application: Compression molding is suitable for the manufacture of silicone products with simple shapes and relatively large sizes, such as silicone seals, household items, toys, and baby products.

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    Silicone Extrusion Molding

    Features: Silicone extrusion molding is to extrude pre-heated and melted silicone through an extruder to produce continuous silicone products, such as silicone tubes, silicone strips, etc.

    Scope of application: Extrusion molding is suitable for producing long strips of silicone products with the same cross-sectional shape, such as sealing strips, pipes, hoses, etc. This mode of production yields relatively high yields.

    Silicone Extrusion Molding

    Silicone Double Shot Injection Molding

    (Silicone Over Molding or Silicone Multi Shot Injection Molding)

    Features: Double-shot injection molding is to inject silicone on the surface of another material (usually plastic) in one molding process to form a composite silicone product.

    Scope of application: Two-shot injection molding is suitable for the manufacture of products with silicone properties, such as soft, high-temperature-resistant surface coverings, handles, etc.

    Silicone Double Shot Injection Molding

    Silicone Clean Room Injection Molding

    (Clean Room Injection Molding)

    Features: Clean room injection molding is to perform silicone injection molding in a high-clean production environment to ensure high purity and cleanliness of the product.

    Scope of application: clean room injection molding is suitable for medical, food and other fields that require high product cleanliness and purity, and has relatively high requirements for the production workshop environment.

    There are many types of silicone molds, and each type has its own special uses and characteristics. The following are some common types of silicone molds and their characteristics:

    Silicone clean room injection molding

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