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    Coating Material: Silicone
    Coating Side: Double Side
    Compatible Printing: Offset printing
    Color: white/blue/yellow
    Size Custom: Size Accepted
    Advantage: Environmentally friendly and degradable
    Application: Express Envelope Bag Food Industry
    Logo: Customized Logo Acceptable
    Package: roll
    Certificates: ISO9001

    Custom silicone release paper options:

    Color: Solid color or mixed color to choose from
    Logo: We can customize your brand logo. Screen printing, laser engraving, embossed logo, heat transfer, 4D printing, sublimation transfer, etc.
    Packaging boxes: opp bags, white boxes, customized color boxes, cylindrical boxes, display boxes, etc.
    Appearance: Prototype manufacturing according to your 2D3D drawings

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    Manufacturer supplies Glasin release paper, silicone paper sheets coated paper

    Silicone release paper, also known as silicone-coated release paper or silicone release liner, is a type of paper that has been coated with a layer of silicone on one or both sides. This coating imparts non-stick properties to the paper, allowing it to release adhesive or sticky materials without leaving residues. Silicone release paper is widely used in various industries for applications such as labels, tapes, medical products, and more.

    Key points about silicone release paper: Non-Stick Properties: The primary characteristic of silicone release paper is its non-stick surface. This makes it an ideal material for backing materials with adhesives, ensuring that the adhesive can be easily released without sticking to the paper.

    Applications: Labels and Tapes: Silicone release paper is commonly used as a backing material for labels, adhesive tapes, and stickers.
    Medical Products: It is used in the medical industry for products like adhesive bandages and medical tapes.
    Industrial Applications: Silicone release paper is used in various industrial applications where a non-stick surface is required during production processes.
    Release Coating: The silicone coating is applied to the paper through a release coating process. This process involves applying a thin, even layer of silicone to the paper surface, ensuring uniform release properties.

    Single-Sided or Double-Sided: Silicone release paper can be coated on one side or both sides, depending on the specific application requirements.

    Benefits: Ease of Processing: The non-stick properties of silicone release paper facilitate the handling and processing of adhesive materials during manufacturing.
    Prevention of Adhesive Transfer: It helps prevent the transfer of adhesive from the product to the paper, ensuring a clean and residue-free surface.
    Varieties: Silicone release paper comes in different grades and thicknesses to accommodate various applications and industries.

    Customization: Manufacturers can customize silicone release paper based on the specific needs of their applications, including variations in release force, coating weight, and substrate material.


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