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    How to custom silicone products in bulk? We are best silicone manufacturer

    custom silicone products

    What is the manufacturing process for custom silicone products?

    As a one-stop custom silicone products manufacturer, we purchase silicone rubber raw materials as the first step before production, including silicone rubber base, hardener, filler, pigment, etc. Then select the appropriate silicone material type and hardness according to customer needs, and design the silicone formula.

    Mix the silicone base, hardener and other additives evenly according to the formula proportions. and complete the mixing of the silica gel in a specific mixer
    Add color:
    If you need colored custom silicone products, you can add pigments in this step and we can customize the color of the silicone products you need.
    Vacuum degassing:
    Silicone will produce a lot of bubbles during the production process. These bubbles will affect the performance and appearance of customized silicone products. Therefore, the mixed silicone must be put into vacuum degassing equipment to remove the bubbles. This helps ensure a smooth surface and fewer air holes in the final product.
    Shaping and curing:

    Inject silicone into the designed silicone molds and shape it into the desired product shape.
    Under certain temperature and humidity conditions, silicone will begin to cure, usually through heat or natural curing.
    Cutting and finishing:
    Remove the silicone product from the mold and cut and arrange it as needed to ensure that the product size and shape meet the requirements.

    Quality inspection:
    Conduct quality inspections on silicone products, including appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, hardness testing, etc.
    Ensure products meet customer requirements and standards.
    Packaging and labeling:
    Pack the silicone products into final products and mark them, including product model, batch number, production date and other information.

    There are many processes for the production and manufacturing of custom silicone products, among which silicone injection molding is the most common processing method:
    Silicone injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce a variety of elastic, high temperature and chemical resistant products. It is suitable for producing many different types of products, and the production cost is the lowest, suitable for the production and manufacturing of large quantities of customized silicone products.

    What is silicone injection molding?

    Silicone injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce silicone rubber parts and products. It is a specialized form of injection molding designed specifically for the unique properties of silicone rubber, a flexible, heat-resistant and chemically inert material. This process is widely used to manufacture a variety of custom silicone rubber products, including seals, gaskets, keyboards, medical equipment, automotive parts, and more.

    What do our customized silicone product services include?


    custom silicone products

    1. Consulting services for silicone brands
    2. Customize silicone products for the color, material, appearance, size, and outer packaging, according to the customer’s brand. OEM personalized service.