How to Clean Makeup Brushes


    Cleaning makeup brushes is very simple, but of course there are things you need to pay attention to.

    Precautions for cleaning makeup brushes There are two main ways to clean makeup brushes:

    one is powder washing and the other is water washing. The editor below will introduce the precautions respectively.
    The materials of makeup brushes are divided into animal hair and artificial fiber.
    Animal hair can be used for daily powder washing. Such as loose powder brush, blush powder brush, eye shadow powder brush. If you want to temporarily change the color, wash with dry powder and remove color and powder from the brush.
    There is no need to worry too much about artificial fibers, such as foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes, etc.

    Regular cleaning:

    It is best to clean your makeup brushes regularly, and it is recommended to clean them after every one or two uses to prevent bacterial growth. And regular cleaning will not affect the effect of makeup.

    Choose the right cleanser:

    Use a cleanser specifically designed for makeup brushes or a mild facial cleanser. Avoid using cleansers with strong chemical ingredients that can damage the bristles.

    Prepare a cleaning container: Prepare a container, fill it with detergent, and then add warm water. The size of the container should be large enough to accommodate the entire brush, but do not over-soak the brush handle so as not to interfere with the glue’s hold.

    Makeup brush cleaning bowl recommendations:

    silicone makeup cleaner
    Highlights makeup brush cleaner :
    1. High-quality silicone, does not damage makeup tools and can be reused
    2. The bowl has a convex design of crescent moon, dots, vertical lines and waves, which is suitable for cleaning various cosmetic tools
    3. Foldable design, easy to carry and travel.

    Soak your brush:

    Soak the bristles of your brush in detergent and warm water, then gently shake or massage gently with your fingers to help the detergent penetrate deep into the bristles.

    Rub gently:

    To avoid damaging the bristles, use your fingertips to gently push outward in the direction of the bristles until all traces of makeup are completely washed away, especially the makeup residue on the brush head, and then rinse with water. Be careful not to rub too much


    Rinse the brush well, making sure all the detergent is rinsed away. You can repeat the above steps until the water is clear. Try to avoid moisture seeping into the handle, as this may cause the bristles to separate from the handle.

    Use paper towels to absorb water: Squeeze out the water, place a towel or paper towel on the table to absorb the water, tidy up the bristles, and let dry in a cool place. Or use a paper towel to gently squeeze or tap the bristles to remove excess moisture.

    Shape the bristles:

    On a dry paper towel, gently shape the bristles, then lay the brush horizontally on a flat surface to dry.


    makeup brushes should not be dried quickly by using hot air or sun exposure. This will affect the life of the makeup brush.

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