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    The difference between traditional food storage bags and silicone storage bags?

    silicone food storage bag

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    The difference between traditional food storage bags and silicone storage bags

    1. Material: Traditional storage bags: Traditional storage bags are usually made of plastic, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). These plastic freezer bags keep air and moisture out when sealed so food stays fresh longer. Silicone storage bags: Silicone storage bags are usually made of food-grade silicone, which is a non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly material. The silicone bag has good sealing performance, which can effectively block air, moisture and peculiar smell. food storage bag 2. Sealing performance: Traditional fresh-keeping bags: The sealing performance of traditional fresh-keeping bags may be relatively weak, and they are easily affected by external factors, such as temperature changes, pressure, etc. Silicone fresh-keeping bag: Silicone fresh-keeping bag has strong sealing performance, which can better protect food from the influence of the external environment and prolong the fresh-keeping time. 3. Reusability: traditional fresh-keeping bags: In general, traditional fresh-keeping bags can be reused, but they may need to be replaced frequently, especially when the sealing performance deteriorates. Silicone storage bags: Silicone storage bags usually have a long service life, and can be reused after washing, making them more durable. 4. Environmental protection performance: Traditional fresh-keeping bags: Since most of the traditional fresh-keeping bags are made of plastic materials, they cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment. While some regions are already pushing to reduce plastic pollution, it’s still a problem. Silicone storage bags: Silicone storage bags are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    Features of silicone storage bags

    silicone food storage bag 1. Silica gel is an environmentally friendly food-grade silicone material that does not conflict with any substance. It can be used in different environments, so we see that silicone is widely used in daily life, such as silicone bottle nipples, Silicone spoons, silicone dinner plates, etc., which makes silicone fresh-keeping bags gradually developed into daily necessities, which can be stored and used anytime and anywhere. Its uniqueness is that it is soft and anti-fall and has a long service life. 2. Different from ordinary fresh-keeping bags PE bone bags, silicone fresh-keeping bags can withstand high temperature for a long time -40 ℃ ~ 220 ℃, so they can still be used normally in high-temperature refrigerated environments, which completely avoids the need to take out food when heating at high temperatures. It also solves the problem of bag breakage at low temperature. In terms of anti-drop function, the silicone material has excellent stretching and resilience, so in addition to fear of sharp knives, the same and hard items will rebound normally and will not be easily cushioned. Affect the service life of the product! 3. As for the use and storage, the silicone food storage bag can be in contact with any substance, so you can use it to hold vegetables, fish, meat and fruit juice, etc. The product will not have any odor and color problems, because the silicone product manufacturer produces and processes It belongs to high-temperature molding. It is produced and molded at 180 degrees. After 4 hours of high-temperature catalysis, the compound release rate will be reduced to a lower level. It can reach the testing and certification of major regions in the world, such as conventional FDA, LFGB, etc. in Europe and the United States. standards can be met.

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