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    The simple way to make ice ball for drink, take you to cool down for a whole summer

    silicone ice ball tray

    When you are drinking beer and whiskey, add a piece of ice to drink ice ball or cube, the taste is improved a lot, especially in the hot summer climate, the feeling of coldness is so cool.
    Is there any difference between a square ice cube and a ice ball? In addition to the difference in shape, the round ice ball melts slower because of the smaller melting contact area, and it is better to take it out of the silicone molds during the production process.
    The method of making ice hockey is very simple, the following is a basic method of making ice hockey:
    Edible purified water
    Ice ball mold (silicone ice cube mold, you can check GrowSilicone’s Custom Silicone Products)
    freezer or refrigerator
    Silicone ice ball production steps:

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    Cleaning the Molds: First, make sure the ice ball molds are clean and hygienic. If it is new mold, it can be rinsed with warm water and wiped clean.
    Filling with water: Pour water into each hemispherical hole of the mold, be careful not to overfill, leave some space as the water will expand as it freezes.
    Closing the Mold: Align the two hemispherical parts of the puck mold and gently close them to make sure water does not spill out.
    Freezing: Place the mold in the freezer or refrigerator and let it freeze for a period of time, usually a few hours or even overnight. Make sure the water is completely frozen to ice.
    Remove the puck: When the puck is completely frozen, gently open the mold and remove the puck. If you have difficulty, tap the mold a little to help the puck break out of the mold.
    Wash the mold : If you plan to use the mold again, remember to wash and dry it.
    Using the ice ball: Now you can put the prepared ice ball in your favorite beverage and enjoy the refreshing taste!
    If you want to make more special ice ball , you can also try adding fruit juice, fruit slices, mint leaves, etc. to the water to make the pucks more interesting and delicious. At the same time, you can also find GrowSilicone company to buy some specially designed ice cube molds, such as spheres, cubes, etc., to make ice hockey balls of different shapes.