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    Tik Tok most popular silicone children’s toy – silicone magnetic water balloons

    Silicone Water Balloon 3

    Water balloons have always been hot toys, in the outdoor pool to get a lot of family favor.Now is hot summer, water balloons are an indispensable toy in the pool party, is an outdoor carnival of water fights.

    The hashtag #waterballoon has received 500 million views so far, which shows that water balloons are very popular overseas, and people love to buy multiple water balloons, share videos ofSilicone Water Balloon 1 water fights, and share the fun. The latest hashtag, #goodfortheplanet, has garnered nearly 30 million views, with people sharing their feelings about using silicone water balloons.

    Now, grow-silicone has introduced a silicone magnetized water balloon to make it easier to use.Silicone material is safe and non-toxic, can be reused, reduce environmental pollution and other problems.

    Silicone Water Balloon 2

    Silicone beach toy sets  are also very popular in the summer.Different shapes of molds to bring fun to children. Lightweight and also perfect for toddlers.


    "It’s never going to break!!! We take it everywhere with us, it folds up into our bag, looks great, and keeps my kids entertained!" - Natalie.RBulk silicone beach baby toysSilicone beach toys

    At grow-silicone, there are more silicone baby toys suitable for children to exercise children’s perception. Like silicone stacking , silicone building block, silicone teether etc. There have been many studies that have proved that building blocks are very helpful for the growth and development of babies, so colorful building blocks are almost a must-have toy in all kindergartens. In addition to providing children with the simple pleasure of building and creating, playing with blocks can improve literacy and storytelling skills, build engineering and math concepts, and teach young children about communication and collaboration.
    Beach themed silicone baby stacking toy stackable silicone toy for babies food grade materialStack and play with food grade silicone rainbow toy

    Grow-silicone, with an independent R&D and design team, can receive all customization. If you want to develop your own brand of silicone toys, just contact us now!