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    Whenever they encounter this question, most of the foreign trade salesmen must first answer the scale, plant, technology, service, etc. Of course, these are very important, and these factors are indeed the basic conditions for an excellent factory. After more than ten years of experience in foreign trade services, I also try to answer this question

    1. Sense of responsibility:  The starting point of serving customers, the spirit of altruism, can stand in the customer’s position to design and produce, such as product raw materials, whether it is liquid or solid silicone, this batch of goods must understand the buyer’s needs, and do the most suitable for him Silicone raw materials, the control of production details, so that customers can rest assured that the customer’s comfortable feeling after shipment is what we pursue. As a new high-quality silicone product supplier in China, grow-silicone is also our entrepreneurial philosophy.

    2.  Appropriate factory scale, basic certification certificates: ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, high-quality factories will conduct comprehensive product testing, including physical performance, chemical properties, durability and other aspects of testing. They should be able to provide product test reports and certification documents.

    3. Professional team, technical assistance:Experienced and focused on the silicone industry, can provide professional technical assistance in product design, production, quality control, etc.

    4. Complete technology and better quality:Spraying, laser engraving, silk screen printing, glue dropping, etc. are common processes in the silicone industry. Now silicone manufacturers have set up their own process department in order to improve quality. The entire process is completed independently, and the whole process is kept under control. The self-owned mold room and printing department are complete in technology, mold making, character printing, etc. are all completed independently, with better quality.

    5. High-quality service customized drawings and samples, accurate quotations within 2 hours, sample molds within 3–5 days, and mass production within 5–7 days to ensure delivery.

    The following are several production equipment that a silicone factory must prepare

    The rubber mixing machine is used to add vulcanizing agent, color paste and other additives to the raw materials, which is an indispensable process.Mold Equipment

    1. Cutting machine, used to cut the refined rubber material into the size and weight required for molding. If you only make some silicone rubber miscellaneous parts, you can manually cut out the rubber material, and then weigh it with a balance. It meets the needs of molding, but for silicone buttons, especially those with higher load requirements or more colors, it is recommended to buy a cutting machine to cut the rubber material. Not only the cutting is accurate, but also the efficiency is extremely high.

    2. Forming requires a sandblasting machine, a flat vulcanizing machine (hydraulic press), and an air compressor. If you want to produce conductive rubber buttons, you must also buy a vacuum pump.

    3. Sandblasting machine, after a period of production of the forming mold, some dirt will accumulate on the surface, which will affect the production. At this time, it is necessary to clean the mold, and the sandblasting machine is a necessary machine for cleaning the mold.

    4. Plate vulcanizer (hydraulic press), which is necessary equipment for molding silicone products, and the conditions required for molding, such as pressure, mold temperature, and vulcanization time, are all provided by this equipment.

    The function of the air compressor is to compress air and store high-pressure gas, and its function is to assist molding.

    5. Vacuum pump, if it is to produce conductive rubber buttons, then it may be necessary to put conductive carbon particles on the mold. At this time, a carbon particle fixture is needed. First, use the suction provided by the vacuum pump to absorb hundreds of carbon particles on the carbon particles. On the jig, and then put it into the forming mold at one time. The operation is convenient and simple, and the efficiency is high.

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