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    Application of liquid silicone rubber, how to choose liquid silicone rubber products?

    liquid silicone manufacturing

    Why choose liquid silicone rubber(LSR)?

    LSR provides a “magic combination” of characterization, process and performance that helps scale
    Optional design range for small parts, complex designs, high precision and overmolding:
    1. Two-component; 1:1 mix ratio
    2. Easy to mix
    3. Rapid heat cure
    Key features of cured  LSR include good mechanical properties and excellent weather resistance,
    Extreme temperature tolerance and aging resistance.
    Liquid fluorosilicone rubber (F-LSR) combines excellent fuel and oil resistance with
    Economics of LSR processing.
    We are a professional liquid silicone products manufacturer . Our liquid silicone rubber products basically use injection molding processing technology:

    what is Injection molding liquid silicone rubber?

    Injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a type of addition-type liquid silicone rubber. It takes advantage of its low viscosity (it has certain fluidity and irregularity before vulcanization) and is easy to feed with metering and mixing equipment. Special injection molding equipment accurately and automatically feeds, mixes, and injects the two components, and then quickly vulcanizes them to form the product. The injection molding process has gradually replaced the traditional molding process and has many advantages: the liquid injection molding process is used for vulcanization molding, with accurate measurement and less material waste; the vulcanization temperature is low, the molding product cycle is short, and the production cost is reduced; the product is high-precision and can be processed complexly Shaped products; no by-products in the vulcanization process, no need for secondary vulcanization; products with excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, non-toxicity, high transparency, high mechanical strength, good elasticity and other characteristics. Therefore, liquid injection molded silicone rubber has become the first choice material in the fields of daily rubber products such as baby products, daily products, electrical insulation material processing, cabinet accessories manufacturing and other fields. It is one of the fastest growing products in silicone rubber.

    The liquid silicone rubber injection molding process is as follows:

    the two liquid silicone rubber raw materials A and B are accurately measured and transported to the mixing device through the metering device; the two components are fully mixed in the mixer and then transported to the injection molding machine; through The molding machine injects or sprays into preheated multiple molds and distributes them evenly into each mold cavity; in the hot mold cavity, the silicone rubber material is heated and quickly vulcanized to form the product; after vulcanization, the mold is automatically opened and ejected; and then the mold is closed. And enter the next molding cycle. The entire molding cycle takes from tens of seconds to several minutes, and the molding cycle varies depending on the size of the product. The entire process flow is as shown below.

    silicone manufacturing

    What are the specific subdivisions of liquid silicone rubber and their respective applications?

    1. General LSRs

    SILASTIC™ RBL-9200 series LSR elastomers and
    plastic material.
    Main application areas include:
    • Consumer products
    • Food contact applications
    • Approved water contact applications
    • Baby care
    • Consumer electronics products
    • Valves and diaphragms
    • Insulating gaskets, seals and washers

    view more liquid silicone rubber products:

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    2. Non-post-curing (NPC) LSR

    SILASTIC™ NPC 9300 series LSRs are low-volatility, high-strength silicone elastomers formulated to meet regulatory requirements for food and infant care applications without the need for post-curing.
    Typical applications:
    baby care
    • Food contact
    (cooking utensils, valves,
    • General consumer goods

    Low temperature cure (LTC) LSR

    SILASTIC™ LTC 9400 series LSRs are low-temperature curing, high-strength elastomers that can achieve rapid warm post-vulcanization over a wide temperature range.
    Co-molding of low melting point plastics
    • Overlap of the most sensitive components
    Injection molding
    • Consumer products
    • Insulating rings, gaskets and seals.
    Thick wall connectors and seals
    • Electronic connector seals/gaskets

    Low density liquid silicone rubber

    SILASTIC™ 9250-40 liquid silicone rubber has good flowability and is suitable for various injection processes. And its high resilience ensures excellent performance.
    food dosing valve
    • Closures and points
    • Seals and gaskets
    • Food contact applications
    Oil resistant LSR
    SILASTIC™ 9390 series LSRs are highly resistant, putty-white injection molding grade elastomers suitable for a variety of air and liquid sealing applications.
    • Oil resistant applications
    • Seals, O-rings,

    LSR for 3D printing

    SILASTIC™ 3D 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber is a 1:1 blend of liquid silicone rubber specifically designed for Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) 3D printing. This liquid silicone rubber combines the excellent performance of silicone rubber
    potential and the design and processing advantages of additive manufacturing. The material is extremely transparent, making it ideal for applications requiring high definition and transparency properties. In addition, compatible color packs and precision dosing devices allow designers to 3D print this high-performance liquid silicone rubber in a range of standard colors.
    Silicone rubber prototype production
    equipment, its performance characteristics are consistent with
    Injection molding ingredients are equivalent
    • Small batches of complex parts
    Volume or high degree of customization manufacture
    • Using traditional LSR
    automotive, consumer care, Cookware, lighting and other, New features in the app plan