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    how to choose silicone baby feeding tableware

    Material safety:
    1. Silicone texture: Choose medical grade silicone to ensure it is non-toxic, odorless and contains no harmful substances. Silica gel should comply with relevant international and regional food safety standards.
    Ease of cleaning:
    2. Food-grade silicone: Give priority to easy-to-clean silicone tableware, preferably food-grade silicone, which can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Grow-silicone is a food grade silicone products manufacturer.
    Heat resistance:
    3. Heat resistance: Silicone children’s tableware usually has good heat resistance and can withstand a certain temperature. This is important when washing with hot water or placing in the dishwasher.
    Design Features:
    4. Suitable for the baby’s age: The design of silicone children’s tableware should be suitable for the baby’s age and usage habits, such as easy-grip design, food separation areas, etc.
    Anti-slip design: Some silicone tableware have anti-slip bottoms, which can prevent them from sliding on the table and improve the safety of use.
    Color and style:
    5. Attract baby’s attention: Choose colors and styles that your baby likes, which will help attract their attention and make eating more enjoyable.
    Set combination:
    6. Set options: Consider purchasing a set that includes plates, bowls, spoons, etc. to ensure you have enough utensils to meet your baby’s needs.
    Brand reputation:
    7. Choose a trustworthy brand: Choose a brand with a good reputation and compliance with relevant safety standards to ensure product quality and safety.


    The choice of children’s feeding tableware, including material and style, and what kind of tableware should be purchased at what stage?
    Material selection:
    1. Plastic tableware: Usually lightweight, unbreakable, and suitable for toddlers. Make sure to use food-grade, BPA (bisphenol A)-free plastic.
    2. Silicone tableware: suitable for babies and toddlers, soft and safe. Choose medical grade silicone to ensure it is non-toxic.
    3. Glass tableware: more environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances, but is relatively heavy and suitable for children after toddlers. Learn more about silicone baby feeding sets can Visit our website:baby feeding set Series

    Style selection:

    1. Learning tableware set: Suitable for the initial stage of assisted feeding. Sets usually include divided plates, small bowls, and small spoons to help babies learn the taste and texture of different foods.
    2. Separate plates: It is helpful for babies to try different foods and keep food separated.
    3. Anti-slip design: Choose models with anti-slip bottoms to help prevent cutlery from sliding on the table.

    Top Brand Recommendations for Silicone Baby Feeding Tableware

    1. Béaba: This brand focuses on baby food supplements and food preparation equipment, providing high-quality silicone baby tableware, including silicone bibs, silicone spoons, etc.
    2. OXO Tot: This brand is praised for its user-friendly design and high-quality children’s products, including silicone learning utensils, food storage containers, and more.
    3. Bibs: Focus on silicone baby products, such as silicone bibs, silicone spoons, etc. The brand is praised for its clean design and safe materials.
    4. Munchkin: This brand offers a variety of innovatively designed baby products, including silicone pacifiers, silicone bibs, and more.
    5. Marcus & Marcus: Focusing on innovative design of children’s products, it provides a variety of silicone baby tableware, which is popular for its cute animal shapes and bright colors.
    6. Avanchy: This brand is known for its sustainable silicone children’s products, including silicone bibs and silicone bowls.

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