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    How are silicone products made with floral patterns?


    Like silicone products friends must have seen it shows that there is a very good multi-color complex pattern or pattern it, may be because of the performance of the silicone products, but also may be to see the silicone products pattern its beautiful appearance, only deep love! I believe that we still pay more attention to the appearance, so how to make those beautiful and complicated patterns of silicone products?
    Fine operation and professional technology can realize a variety of beautiful, complex patterns and patterns. The following will detail several common silicone products pattern pattern production methods:

    1. Silicone Screen Printing: Silicone screen printing is a common printing technique, also known as silicone screen printing. The technology uses a screen plate to print patterns or text onto silicone products. Silicone screen printing allows for high-precision pattern detail and crisp edges, as well as high abrasion resistance and durability. By controlling the printing pressure and the thickness of the ink layer, pattern effects of different colors and transparency can be achieved. For example, usually use silicone screen printing technology. By contacting the pattern or text on the screen with the silicone material, and then applying the appropriate pressure and ink layer thickness, the pattern or text is printed onto the cell phone case. This technique can achieve clear and fine patterns and text, adding personalization and fashion to the phone case.

    Silicone Cell Phone Cases
    2. Silicone transfer: Silicone transfer is a technology that transfers printed patterns from transfer paper or transfer film to silicone products. This technique allows for intricate and colorful patterns and details, providing high quality printing results. Silicone transfer printing can be applied to silicone products of different shapes and sizes, such as cell phone cases and watch bands. By controlling the transfer temperature and pressure, it is possible to ensure that the pattern is transferred completely to the surface of the silicone product. Silicone bracelets often use silicone transfer technology. By contacting the pattern on the transfer paper with the silicone bracelet and then applying heat and pressure, the pattern is transferred from the transfer paper to the bracelet. Silicone transfer technology allows for colorful patterns and details, bringing vibrant and long-lasting colors to the bracelet.

    Silicone bracelet
    3. Silicone Spraying: Silicone spraying is a technology that sprays paint onto the surface of silicone products. This technique allows for even color distribution and a smooth surface texture. Silicone coating is suitable for large-area pattern coating and color coverage, which can achieve personalized design effects. By adjusting the spray thickness and pigment ratio, the desired color and effect can be achieved. Silicone rice bowl mats are usually applied using the silicone spraying technique. By spraying specific pigments or coatings onto the surface of a silicone lunch mat, uniform, smooth color distribution and rich pattern effects can be achieved. Silicone coating technology can give the rice bowl mat a personalized appearance andincrease the anti-slip and durability.

    Silicone Placemats
    4. Implantable pigment: Implantable pigment is a technology that embeds pigment inside the silicone product. By mixing the pigment with the silicone material and molding and curing it, the pigment can be fused to the silicone material to create long-lasting patterns and designs. Implantable pigments allow for durability and scratch resistance, and are less likely to fade and wear off. Silicone watch bands often utilize implantable pigment technology. Long-lasting patterns and motifs are achieved by mixing pigments with silicone materials and embedding the pigments inside the watch band during the molding process. The implanted pigment technology can make the watch bands scratch-resistant, durable and colorfast.Silicone Strap

    Above are several common ways of making pattern patterns for silicone products, each of which has its unique advantages and scope of application. According to the characteristics and needs of the product, choosing the appropriate production method can realize the desired pattern effect and quality requirements. As a professional manufacturer of silicone products, we have advanced production equipment and rich experience to provide customized silicone products to meet your individual needs. Whether it is pattern details, color selection or printing techniques, we will provide professional advice and quality production services according to your requirements.