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    Types and characteristics of custom silicone molds, the most professional interpretation


    The common types of customized silicone molding are as follows: Silicone Injection Molding, Silicone Compression Molding, Silicone Extrusion Molding, Silicone Double Shot Injection Molding, Silicone clean room injection molding

    custom silicone mold

    Each type has its own special use and characteristics. The following are some common types of silicone molds and their characteristics:

    Forming molds: Forming molds are used to manufacture products with complex shapes, such as handicrafts, craft decorations, etc. These molds can be made according to product design drawings or samples, making the product molding process easier and more precise.

    Cake Molds: Silicone cake molds are used for baking cakes and desserts. Silicone has good heat resistance and has excellent loosening properties, making the cake easy to take out and easy to clean.

    Candy Molds: Silicone molds for making chocolates, candies and other snacks. These molds can be made into all kinds of fun shapes, such as animals, flowers, stars and more.

    Mobile phone case mold: Silicone mold for making mobile phone case. Silicone molds can quickly manufacture mobile phone cases that meet the mobile phone model and design requirements, providing good protection and decorative effects.

    Medical Device Molds: Silicone molds for manufacturing medical devices and medical products. The silicone material is biocompatible and suitable for manufacturing medical grade products.

    Industrial Seal Molds: Molds for the manufacture of silicone seals and gaskets. Silicone seals have excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance, and are widely used in industrial fields.

    Household product molds: used to make silicone household products, such as baking mats, kitchen utensils, washing supplies, etc. Silicone material is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean, so it is widely used in household items.

    Children’s toy molds: used to make silicone children’s toys, such as baby bites, baby pacifiers, etc. The silicone material is safe and reliable, suitable for children.

    In general, the characteristics of silicone molds include high temperature resistance, good flexibility, easy molding and demoulding, not easy to deform, and reusable. These characteristics make silicone molds widely used in many different fields and ideal for manufacturing various products. The specific choice of silicone mold depends on the needs of the product and the usage scenario.

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